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If so, you have come to the right place. Here at AGA Tax, we can help you with all of your tax requirements, from filing an annual US or UK tax returns to tax planning.

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Federal Tax Return

We are experts in the preparation of Federal Tax Returns for Americans who have relocated abroad.

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Foreign Bank Accounts Reporting

If are obliged to file an FBAR. We can help you to put this together

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Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act

Our compliance services and global network of local specialists can simplify and support any area of compliance or free you of the full burden.

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Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedures

Taxpayers who use the Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedures will not be subject to any penalties.

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AGA Tax – About Us

We are a team of US Expat Tax Specialists based in the UK.

We take pride in being on your side. Whether it is US taxes or UK Self-Assessment and/or any other service you may require, we work hard to ensure you stay compliant and pay the correct amount of tax.

We do this, by using our years of experience in preparing your tax returns, in such a way that we claim all the possible credits, such as foreign tax credits, foreign earned income exclusions and other allowable deductions to keep your tax bill as low as possible.

We are professional tax returns specialists working with American citizens and Green Card holders, individuals and businesses living outside of the USA, with varied circumstances and filing needs. Our team will be with you at every step of the process – it is not just about filing taxes at year-end; it is equally important to ensure everything goes smoothly every year.

AGA Tax Professionals are Flexible

With a focus on resilience, positivity, and innovation, we work hard every day to ensure that yours and/or your company’s needs are met.

We try our best to make the processes as smooth and easy for our clients as possible. We use modern and innovative approach/technologies to facilitate our clients all the way. Whether it is submitting your documents, signing your return or providing additional information about your engagement, we have established and easy processes in place.


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Experienced, knowledgeable professionals in Property Tax Consulting. Our team of Property Tax Consultants is committed to saving you money by obtaining the lowest possible assessed value for your commercial or residential properties.

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“I worked with Imtiaz at Abacus on my UK self assessment and it went smoothly from start to finish. Imtiaz is extremely responsive and took into account all the intricacies of my situation as a dual national. Thank you Imtiaz for your help!”
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